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In addition to the doodlings of Trevor, there are a variety of guest appearances on this site, which include an exclusive open edition poster from the “Passion for Angling” series of television programs, all of which are individually signed by Hugh Miles who filmed and produced the series.

Also available are signed limited edition prints from a selection of stunning photographs by Chris Yates, who featured in the series.There are plans for a forthcoming series of stunning works of African wildlife such as Cheetah, Elephant and Lion, plus many more. Some of these will be available exclusively as originals only.

The use of the very latest digital printing technology and the finest print making papers and canvas ensures superb reproduction of our exclusive prints. For example, the graphite images are reproduced on heavyweight textured fine art paper, very similar to the cartridge-type paper the originals have been drawn on, therefore replicating the original almost exactly.

We hope you enjoy your visit to this site, and please call again as we are hoping to update it fairly regularly, if we can keep Trevor and the other contributors off the river bank.

If you require any further information or would simply like to comment please contact Trevor Harrop at:

Avondale, Christchurch Road,
Kingston, Ringwood,
Hampshire, BH24 3AX

Telephone: 01425 470307
email: trevor@avondalegallery.com




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Having never received any formal training, and never having attended art college or any kind of art based institution, I am completely self taught. However, I wouldn1t quite put it as being taught. I rather refer to my ability and style of art as having evolved. It started with me being given a set of oil paints and a couple of boards, as a gift when I was a teenager, and it quickly went from there. I was soon being commissioned to paint portraits and pets and landscapes for friends and relatives. Then for a while the whole art thing took a back seat as all my time was taken up with my career in design and printing in London, which I left in 1999 and moved to Hampshire to concentrate on my art. I have spent time working in all kinds of mediums, from watercolour, producing some very detailed wildlife paintings and occasional oil paintings, but very quickly, the most popular medium has become the graphite studies, or pencil drawings to you and me. This medium has a character and appeal all its own. It seems to have something the others do not. Black and white illustrations and art seem to go through phases of popularity, but these pencil works seem to remain as popular as they have always been, if not more so. I regard myself as being blighted, rather than gifted, with a tiresome attention to detail. But, it is this that seems to be one of the main talking points of the general viewer and collector alike regarding my art. I like to think that, if not pointed out, new discoveries will continue to be made long after the initial viewing, such as a reflection in an eye, a crooked claw, a chewed finger nail, a shadow or a highlight. The desire to achieve visual accuracy of detail to a level somewhat rarely seen in a work or art has intensified as time has passed, with it now being a determination of mine to try to include every tiny spot and hair and glint of eye I can possibly achieve; and it is this that is the attraction for collectors, be it fur, feather, smoothness of skin tone, life-like accuracy, or simply the obvious effort expended in a works creation. If I am not happy with it, it will not be seen by anyone. On this web site I have included a wide variety of subject matter, form birds or prey, including owls, eagles, hawks and falcons; a range of angling images, with trout, pike, barbel, dace, salmon and even bullheads, many of which have been taken from a book I illustrated, designed and produced. I have also included many of the portraits I have, over the years, been commissioned to produce, and working dogs, which, it has to be said, would also be considered as portraits. This, I guess, would also apply to some of the birds of prey, many of which were commissioned by their owners. There are plans to include an exclusive range of works or art. Currently, the site has limited and open edition print runs of all the subjects. And while the originals are also available, it is the intention to produce works of art that will not be printed or reproduced in any way, giving them a unique exclusivity. Original art work is quite costly, but I can assure the collector that, comparatively speaking, the purchaser certainly gets value for money. In addition to the subjects already available on the site, there are also plans to increase the diversity of subject matter; and works of African wildlife; big cats, cheetahs, lions and so on; equine, be it portraits of pet horses or New Forest ponies; photographic, with stunning images of the most breath-taking dawns, landscapes and sunsets imaginable, from some of the people most adept at their capture, like Chris Yates and Terry Lampard. Chris Yates appeared in the television program, shown on BBC, A Passion for Angling1 filmed by Hugh Miles, and Terry Lampard is appearing in the new series currently being filmed by Hugh entitled ?Catching the Impossible1 which features Martin Bowler and friends. All in all, there is plenty for everyone here, from the art connoisseur, to the person wanting to fill a gap on the wall with a nice pretty picture.